Flashburn in Uzbekistan


Flashburn in Uzbekistan, 2014, 29 minutes, performance and video

In Flash Burn in Uzbekistan, 2014, Chang builds a story using images, language, objects, and her body—set within a period room that evokes a home from the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). Her narrative lives somewhere between personal memories, archival research, and the present moment, fusing the ancient and the contemporary through her presence. To create this work, Chang collaborated with curators to research and reflect on objects in the MFA’s vast Asian holdings. Their conversations highlight emotional attachments, individual associations, scholarship, conservation, and other modes of representation that are layered onto objects. From this mix, Chang employs the body as another archive for information that reactivates Museum space, making it feel “lived in.”

Description of performances below:


Onto Objects At MFA, Boston


2014_“Onto Objects: Patty Chang and Jeffrey Gibson perform at the MFA"_Big Red and Shiny