Exhibition Reviews

2017_"Why Not Ask Again?:Shanghai Biennale Addresses Contemporary Social Issues, With Spectacle and Grace"_ARTnews

2016_"11th Shanghai Biennale"_ARTnews

2016_"11th Shanghai Biennale" Frieze

2015_"Patty Chang & David Kelley'Flotsam Jetsam"_Millenium Film Journal

2014_Press of Topophilia_Art Forum

2014_Flotsam Review_ARTNews

2014_China’s Buried Past and Submerged Future: Patty Chang and David Kelley’s ‘Flotsam Jetsam’_Hyperallergic

2014_Frieze_onto objects

2014_“Onto Objects: Patty Chang and Jeffrey Gibson perform at the MFA"_Big Red and Shiny

2012_"The Whites and the Whale"_Occupy

2009_"Explosion der Stille"_Galerie Ruediger Schöttle 

2009_"Patty Chang"_Art in America

2009_"Patty Chang"_Art Forum

2008_"Patty Chang & David Kelly"_Flash Art

2007_"Blood Unsimple: The Ties That Bind, in All Their Complexity"_The New York Times

2007_"Forged Realities"_Flash Art

2007_"Not a Trip, a Quest"_Art Tampa review

2006_"Report From Santa Fe I- A Slow-Motion Biennial"_Art in America

2006_"Looking Back"_Frieze Magazine Best of 2005

2006_"A Melange of Asian Roots and Shifting Identities"_The New York Times

2006_"Into Me/Out of Me"_Flash Art

2006_"Penguins, Lies, and Videotape"_ARTNews

2005_Time Out New York

2005_"Work of a Higher Order"_Los Angeles Times

2005_"Reviews"_Time Out   

2005_"Art in Review"_The New York Times

2003_Guggenheim_Canadian Art News

2003_"Acting Out"_ARTnews

2002_"Patty Chang at Jack Tilton"_Art inAmerica

2001_"Art in Review"_The New York Times

2000_"Patty Chang"_Flash Art

1999_"Art in Review"_The New York Times

1999_"Patty Chang Jack Tilton Gallery"_ArtForum

1999_"Patty Chang at Jack Tilton"_Art in America

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