Gait Remains Partially impaired

Gate Remains Partially repaired


Two Channel video installation

Gate Remains Partially Repaired, 2005, 20 minutes

Clips of my father’s tourist footage taken during his numerous trips back to China in the years before his degenerative illness kept him from traveling. The touristic gaze of returning to the homeland is unintentionally fragmented and unconsciously roaming when he sometimes forgets to turn off the camera and continues to shoot.

Gate Remains Partially Impaired, 2005, 20 minutes

Gate Remains Partially Impaired was shot as a companion to Gate Remains Partially Repaired. Partially documentary and partially performed actions, this video documents the tending of my father’s backyard garden in California and looks at the physical and emotional ideas of home. The title comes from his diagnosis of MSA, a neurological illness, and considers space in relation to vision and memory.