Currents, 2010, (collaboration with Noah Klersfeld), 6 minutes

Currents is a public art installation on 25 monitors commissioned by the Department of Cultural Affairs in Los Angeles and installed in the Tom Bradley International Terminal at the Los Angeles Airport. Cameras and domestic house plants travels through the usually unseen, underground baggage system of the airport from the check-in desk to the distribution points. Fragile and delicate flowers and house plants appear out of place while moving through a fully mechanized underground world.

 We inserted house plants and cameras strapped to the suitcases in a number of configurations in order to trace different variations of movement; plants with camera, camera alone, plants from separate entrances, plants and camera to same sort pier, plants and camera to different sort piers.  Sometime the camera and plants would meet up coincidentally, sometimes not.  This was a way for us to map the system based on timing and chance.  We ran the plants and cameras 14 times.  14 runs times 5 cameras per run yielded 70 different individual clips to choose from. Each run is approximately 5-7 minutes long.